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This page summarizes what we thought about China's national feeling, the Senkaku Islands dispute,
the Spratly Islands dispute, and the Japan-Taiwan relationship.

"What does China want from Japan?" "When does the territorial issue start?"
Etc. It is important to think about the relationship with other countries.
We would like you to have an idea that takes into consideration the history with other countries,
not one-sidedly on Japan's claim.

Basic data of People’s Republic of China
Area About 9.6 million square km Regime Hegemonie party system Major industry Fiber, food, chemical raw materials, Machinery, nonmetallic mineral
Population About 1.3 billion people GDP 10.98 trillion dollars
2nd place in the world 2015
JPN-CHN trade amount 3 trillion 866.7 billion dollars
(Total of imports and exports)
Cited from 外務省-中華人民共和国基礎データ, Based on 外務省-法的事項
Cited from 世界経済のネタ帳-GDPランキング, Based on 世界経済のネタ帳-アバウト

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