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On this page, we will post the national sentiment of North Korea, the issue of Japanese abduction by North Korea, nuclear missile problem, what we thought.

Currently, diplomatic ties with North Korea are not tied, but there are many problems with Japan.What is the purpose of the North Korean nuclear missile development and what measures from the United Nations is important for knowing the problem with North Korea.We'd appreciate it if you look at this site and see what you should ask for the demand for North Korea.

Basic data of Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Area About 120,000 square km Regime Hegemonie party system Major industry Agriculture, forestry, mining
Population About 25.16 million people GDP 17.3 billion dollars
115th place in the world in 2014
trade amount
No trade
Cited from 外務省-北朝鮮基礎データ, Based on 外務省-法的事項
GDP:GLOBAL NOTE、Cited from:UN, Based on GLOBAL NOTE-よくある質問(FAQ)

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