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Abduction issue


What is the abduction issue?

The abduction issue is the relatives of abductees and the country of the victims requesting North Korea to return victims and provide information on the abduction of Japanese citizens and other citizens by North Korean agent.

Currently, 17 Japanese people are accrediting as abductees.(Five of them have already returned home)

History of the abduction issue


Purpose of abduction

The exact reason why North Korea abducted the Japanese is a mystery, but there are reasons as below.

  • Because the planning activities to Korea became difficult, North Korea planned to immigrate to Japan and enter Korea.
    →To make an agent of North Korea an education professional to become a Japanese.
  • To incorporate state-of-the-art technologies such as industry and health into North Korea.
  • To deprive a Japanese passport.

Request from the Japanese government

The Japanese government is demanding the following on the abduction issue.

  • Retur of abductees
  • Investigation of truth about abduction

About current situation

Although North Korea has announced that the victim has already died, evidence supporting it has not been offered, so we can not confirm the facts. Also, until now the Japanese government promulgated investigations and "North Korea Human Rights Countermeasures Law" and requested investigation from North Korea, but the current situation is that the abduction issue has not progressed much.


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