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Nuclear missile issue


History of nuclear missile issue


Reason for nuclear missile development

The reasons why North Korea is developing nuclear missiles are listed below.

  • Strengthening military strength and showing office.
  • Strengthen diplomatic position.
  • Repulsion against military exercises by Korea and otherss.
Nuclear missile launch pad 核ミサイル By Sungwon Baik / VOA (North Korea Rocket Launch - Photo Galleries) [Public domain], North Korean Unha-3 rocket at launch pad.jpg, via Wikimedia Commons

Response of the United Nations

The United Nations has made the following statements and requests for nuclear missile development by North Korea. However, North Korea's nuclear missile development activities will not stop.

  • North Korea's nuclear test strongly condemns it because it violates Security Council resolutions and nuclear non-proliferation regime.
  • The United Nations member countries prohibit the import of resources from North Korea, prohibit exporting all weapons, and prohibit the supply of aviation fuel to North Korea.
  • To prevent North Korea from obtaining necessary funds for nuclear missile development.
  • Request North Korea to abandon all nuclear weapons in a safe way.

Response of the Japanese government

The Japanese government has also established its own sanctions in addition to UN sanctions.

  • All North Korean registered ships prohibit entry.
  • Prohibit ships that have called at a port to North Korea before came to Japan.
  • In principle, the government prohibits sending money to North Korea.

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