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National Feeling


Korean History


Japan–Korea Treaty of 1910
It is also known as the Korea Consolidation Treaty, and it is a treaty that stipulates that all the Ruling Governance of Korea shall be fully and permanently transferred to Japanese Emperor. As a result, Korea became a Japanese colony and was placed under the control of the Governor General of Korea.

Japan-Korea Basic Relations Treaty
It is composed of Article 7 clauses and it is written that Japan recognizes Korea as the sole legitimate government of the Korean Peninsula.

Japan-Korea Joint Declaration of 1998
It summarizes the contents of the Japan-Korea Summit Meeting, and as the official diplomatic document, for the first time, Korea's reflection on Japan's past is incorporated.

Conflict of emotions

Currently, in Japan, K - POP and Korean drama are prevalent and the relation between Japan and Korea is good, but there are also bad aspects.
45% of Japanese and 61% of Koreans who responded according to NPO法人言論NPOによる「第4回日韓共同世論調査 日韓世論比較結果」 have a bad impression each other.

From this, it is already over 70 years since the end of the war, but we can see that South Korea's anti-Japanese sentiment still remains.

The reason

So why did they get along like this so far?
According to the previous survey, the following reasons are mainly cited. (In descending order from the top)

Japanese side

  • Because they criticize Japan for historical issues etc.
  • Takeshima dispute
  • I do not like emotional Korean behavior
  • Because the impression of political leaders is bad

South Korean side

  • We will not reflect on invasion to Korea
  • Dokdo (= Takeshima) territorial dispute
  • Because there is a difference between Josei and Honno
  • Because the impression of political leaders is bad
  • Because there is discrimination against Korean residents in Japan

Good side

Up to this point I have mentioned the bad points of the relationship between Japan and the ROK, but the fact that the number of tourists from Korea is increasing, the popularity of K-pop and Korean drama in Japan is increasing, etc. There is. In the previous survey, nearly 60% of Japanese responded that nearly 80% of Koreans responded that the relationship between Japan and Korea is important, so it is considered that the relationship between Japan and Korea is progressing in the direction of improvement I will.


Top Takeshima Dispute