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Hello! I am T. H. who made a page about the right of collective self-defense.
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What is the Right of Collective Self-Defense New Constitutional Interpretation Pros and Cons

I explained about the above three items this time, could you understand?

From here, I will tell you my own opinion.
However, since this is the opinion of the individual alone, it is not a correct answer.
The most important thing is how you felt yourself.

I am against the exercise the right of collective self-defense.

There are three reasons why I thought like this.

  1. Article 9 of the Constitution should be observed

    The Constitution of Japan was promulgated in 1946, and it was enacted in 1947. Regarding the originator of Article 9 of the Constitution, there is the theory that Mr. Kushiro Mihara was the Prime Minister of the time, and the theory that it was drafted by Macarthur of GHQ, but what can be said commonly in both cases is that the inventor It was that he was an adult who experienced war. Because I experienced the war there is a wish that I do not want to repeat the same mistake again and I think that I have invented Article 9 of the Constitution so we interpret it very much by contemporary people such as us and politicians who have not experienced warfare I think that it is not a good thing to change.

  2. Anxiety about being a target of terrorism

    In famous places, there are frequent cases of terrorist attacks such as the September 11 terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 and gunshots in the Bardo National Museum on March 18, 2015. Although it may be bad as a way of saying, although these incidents are happening outside of Japan, it is good, but if you imagine that JSDF will use force to terrorists it is easy to imagine that Japan will be targeted by terrorism I can do it. If JSDF is out of the military framework and overseas dispatch is possible, there is plenty of possibility. It may be exaggerated, but you and you myself who is watching this may endanger yourself as well.

  3. Anxiety about conscription system

    As you can see if you see the collective self-defense rights page all together, the opinion that is in favor of the exercise of collective self-defense rights is "the opinion that the revival of conscription system has made a leap soaring." It is written. Is that really true? Let's suppose that opportunities for overseas dispatch to SDF will increase. Then, in some cases, battle occurs and injured person comes out, and in the worst case it will be martyred. As it becomes so, there may be cases where a person enlisted in JSDF will quit due to fear of it, or the person who volunteers to apply for JSDF will no longer exist. And when there is not enough fighting power when it is necessary for fighting force, it is said that a conscription system will emerge when it becomes how to secure fighting power.

    I wrote it long, but I think that the possibility of becoming a flow of such an era is extremely high. If this happens, the idea of resurrection of the conscription system will not be considered to be just enough to be taken as a desk on the desk. Therefore, I think that the revival of the conscription system is sufficiently possible.

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