How were these?

We can gain the right to vote at the age of 18. Among the people watching this, there are many such people, aren`t there? Let's think about politics so as not to be troubled by the election.

To have your own opinion on politics is very important. Of course, there are cases where opinions differ from others because there is no fixed answer to politics. Let`s send your opinions by talking with you friends, using Twitter, Facebook, blog etc. Think about the best opinion to listen to the idea of the opponent and discuss.
There is no fixed answer to politics. There are many answers.

Are students interested in politics?

Result of simulation voting in our school

In schools we go to, elections will be voted on a certain year.
The simulation voting of the upper house election in 2016 resulted in the following.


Among them, it is the result of high school students who wish to be noticed.
For junior high school students who were 10% even though the difference in voting rate for each grade was large, the difference for each grade was very large for high school students.


High school third graders are busy taking exams and exams and I think that it is one of the big factors that there is no time to see the news, but even though some people get 18 years old to obtain the right to vote, The voter turnout was much lower than the other grade.

The 18 years old voting rate in the school's simulated voting and the upper house election in 2016 is about 50%. This is much higher than around 30% in the early twenties.
However, in this case half of the opinions of people will not be reflected in politics.

Your opinion create Japan

What is your idea?

When electing, street corner interview, conversation with a friend whatever the circumstances, the time will come when you will be asked to think about politics. There is also a comment column on this site, but there are opportunities to send your opinion everywhere.

Do not say "I will not change anything where I did something" having an interest in politics, insisting on themselves, talking with a lot of people, accepting opinions, Please think and go to the election. Your idea may create the future Japan, the world.

I absolutely wish for this site to make you think about politics and to be helpful at that time. Thank you very much for seeing it to the end.

You are a member of this country's future.