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Thank you for coming to the site, Think about Japan Future.

This site is dealing with the explanation and our opinions on Japan-USA relations, Japan-China relations, Japan-South Korea relations, Japan-North Korea relations, Right of Collective Self-Defense and Constitutional Revised.

The reason why we chose this theme is that we think it is important for both junior high school students and high school students to understand these political issues, because the voting age was reduced to 18 from 2016 in Japan. This site prepares the explanation of the technical terms and the quiz, so you can enjoy learning.

We want you to think about these issues, and please conclude your opinions.

Because this site deals with politics, the content may not be up-to-date.
We will update as much as possible, but we ask that you view the site on your understanding.

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In order to view the site, there is no particular page order. Please go to the page you care about from the menu bar above. When you leave the site, please view Finally. We have written requests for visitors from us.

In addition, there is a comment column using Facebook on the top page of each genre of this site. Please post your opinion on what you are dealing with that page by all means. A Facebook account is required for posting, but since it is a real name system, vandalism is hard to happen and it is safe.

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Charge of Japan-China relations, Japan-South Korea relations and Japan-North Korea relations

On the pages of Japan–China, Japan–Korea and Japan–South Korea Relations page, the historical background can be understood by the chronology. Think about the relationship between Japan-China, Japan-Korea and Japan-South Korea by referring to historical backgrounds.

Charge of page creation, Japan-Russia relations, constitutional revision and Japan-China relations

The enactment of the Security Law and the revision of Article 9 of the Constitution on the election of Mr. Trump’s president are topics. Do not you decide your position to amend the constitution with the visit of this site?

Charge of English translation, Japan-USA relations and Right of collective self-defense

It is recommended because the opinion of each party is summarized on the page of "Pros and Cons" of the Right of Collective Self-Defense. Why not try searching for a party that matches your opinion as a result of visiting this site?

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